The Republican Valley Farm Machinery Museum
The Republican Valley Farm Machinery Museum is located in the former Auld Chevrolet building on Main Street (HWY m82) in Wakefield. This Museum displays machinery characteristic of that used by farmers in the Republican Valley through the years. Many unusual pieces of equipment can be found here. To tour this site, contact the Wakefield Museum at (785) 461-5516 or Raymond Luthi at (785) 461-5202.

Sunny Slope School
Sunny Slope is a one room limestone country school located approximately 3 miles northwest of Wakefield. The school was built in 1876 and was used until the 1950’s. Much of the original furniture still remains in the building. Teachers from area schools reserve a day in the spring to bring their students to the old school to experience what it was like to attend a one room school house. Call the Wakefield Museum at (785) 461-5516 to reserve your day.

St’s. John & George Episcopal Church
The St. John Episcopal Church (the small building attached to the back of the bigger church) was originally located 3 miles west of Wakefield on what is now the only remaining glebe west of the Mississippi. In the early 1930’s, St. John’s was moved into the City of Wakefield by two teams of horses and attached to the St. George Episcopal Church, creating the St’s. John & George Episcopal Church. To tour the church or to reserve it for a wedding or family gathering, contact the Wakefield Museum to schedule an appointment. (785) 461-5516.